HELP! I Need an Expert!

We’ve seen a lot in 35 years and over that time office furniture sure has changed!

The ability to adapt and get out in front of that change is what makes you an expert. Today’s office furniture does not resemble yesterdays. Flat screen monitors require less desk space than the old “big boy” monitors of ten years ago. Most people don’t need three file drawers in their desk anymore as a lot of the paper we needed to store is now a click away on a screen. Furniture is designed with more usability. Some folks want the ability to stand up or sit down at their work station. Others need more privacy. This is where our being an expert will not only save you money, but give you a workspace that is ergonomic, space saving, and as private or collaborative as you need it to be. You couldn’t possibly keep up with all the new products and advances but that’s fine because it is our job to be the expert.

For projects both large and small our space planning expertise is the key to helping you put everything your office needs into the space you have to work with. Need to squeeze in a few more employees…..DONE! Need us to walk through office space you are considering to see if your staff can fit, give us a call. Want to convert your home into a functional work space..…we know how. Bring us a rough sketch and some pics on your phone and we can sit down and develop a site plan for you in minutes. Don’t think we have a size that will fit??? Call the experts!