I Just Need a Chair

Selecting the right chair is a process that requires you to consider the many options, price points, and styles that are available today.

For all day use we strongly recommend you come in and sit in our huge selection of task, adjustable, big and tall, and ergonomic chairs. Picking out a chair from a catalog or web site without sitting in it first is a recipe for disappointment.

Bring your aching back to the WOWGuys! We have the solution.

We only sell seating we stand behind that comes with a level of quality acceptable for office use. 8 hours a day every day. We have budget conscious seating but while it may look like the very inexpensive mail order-superstore imported product that won’t last a year, ours have been battle tested to give you years of service and comfort. We have entry level ergonomic chairs, mid level chairs, and high end top of the line product and it is all on display for you to try. You can get most of our chairs in hundreds of fabrics, multiple sizes, and with different arm kits. Basically you can menu pick exactly what you need so you don’t pay for what you don’t.

And of course we have over 1000 pre-owned chairs on display starting as low as $25. Chairs from Steelcase, Herman Miller, Teknion, HON, AllSteel, and dozens of other manufacturers for you to take for a spin.

 We can say with confidence you can travel hundreds of miles and you won’t find any place with more options for you to sit in ensuring the right choice for YOU!