A Desk for Home

So most likely one of three things has happened.

#1 The kids are gone and you are finally getting your own “office”.

#2 You have been kicked off the dining room or kitchen table and need a new spot.

#3 You’re a lucky devil. You get to work from home.

Well this is your home and you certainly don’t want it to look like an office from the 80’s at IBM! Fortunately our industry has transformed in the last few years where a lot more people are working from home. There is a new group of product categorized as “resimercial”. It combines the look of household furniture with the function of the office. A lot of folks are going that way and we have many options for you to see both on our floor and in our on line catalog. We also have modular layouts that work very well in the home. They come in a multitude of sizes so they work well in old bedrooms and tight spaces. Beyond that if you want an executive style set up in your home we offer top of the line real wood furniture and a few mid level options in wood as well.

Bring us a pencil sketch of your space showing any projections off of walls like heat registers, columns, and so on. Take some measurements and ideally snap a few pictures on your smartphone to bring in so we can “feel” the space. Take notice of the power, data, and phone outlets so we don’t have you tripping all over wires. We’ve designed hundreds of home offices from full time husband/wife shared work spaces to trading desks for brokers to a spot for the Sunday paper and a cup of coffee. We have a great looking, cost effective solution for every taste and budget.