What kind of condition is your used furniture in? Do you have a lot of product?

We have furniture in every grade and every condition. Whether you are looking for fine traditional wood furnishings in “like new” condition or twenty, five drawer filing cabinets for “dead storage”  that need to work good, but dents and dings are not an issue, we have what you need.  If you are tired of fighting your old broken down files and want a Steelcase brand, pre-owned file that’s as smooth as silk, we have those too! If you need twenty files all in lime green we will paint them for you.
We clean and touch up all product as needed. If you are looking for a bargain priced desk for a back room application and you don’t need it touched up to look new, we have dozens to choose from.  If you need a new chair, our chair floor is packed to the rafters with task chairs, conference seating, executive chairs, reception seating, and more. Over the years we have sold everything from water coolers, blueprint files, leather sofas, paper shredders, artwork, and phone systems. The basic rule is if you can buy it new, we have had it for sale at one time or another. Don’t assume you have to pay “new” prices for anything you might need. Email us or give us a call!

Which store should I visit?

Our Wappingers location showcases dozens of work stations in every quality level are available to “kick the tires”.  Seating, conference room, as well as home computer furnishings are also displayed.

On any given day our Wappinger locations has over a thousand chairs on display as well as hundreds of desks and filing cabinets.
You might be looking for a ten foot mahogany conference table and chairs to go with it. We encourage you to call or email us and we will advise you whether we have it in stock or it might be something we can order new.

Do you get new inventory of pre-owned furniture in regularly? Where do you get it?

Our furniture buyers have spent years establishing working relationships with Fortune 500 companies and major landlords in the northeast. Through these contacts we are able to maintain a constant flow of inventory of “A” grade pre-owned furnishings from companies that purchase the best furniture money can buy. It is not uncommon to receive goods from companies that are bought out after only a short period of time. This means barely used, top of the line product at substantial savings to our customers. We often have bids out on large quantities of product that are pending. If you have a “want list” and a little time to make your decision we encourage you to let us know your needs. We can then push a little harder to get the merchandise you need.
Besides our combined retail space of over 150,000 square feet of merchandise, we maintain additional warehouses of product. We also have working relationships with other pre-owned dealers as well as refurbishers in the northeast corridor.

Can I “see” the furniture without coming to the store?

If you are looking for a specific item just give us an idea of the style and price range you are looking for. We will be happy to email you digital photos of the product you are considering. If you like what you see, you can come to the store to see it first hand.

Can I trade in my existing furniture? Do you buy back furniture we bought from you?

We are always looking to improve our inventory of quality pre-owned furniture. If you have product that is in resalable condition and we are not currently overstocked on that product we will be happy to make you an offer. Please keep in mind that we are usually purchasing large lots of product at accepted market values. A used metal desk or two does not typically have a value to us. Superstore (Office Max, Staples, Etc.)  products typically is not product that would interest us.
If you purchase product from us we will offer you fair market value for that product as a trade in allowance.

Do you sell “Home Office” furniture?


We certainly do! We have a large selection as well as a wealth of experience in designing and providing efficient home work stations. We have on display products that are specifically designed for the home. Whether it is a family computer station or a true “working” home office we can help get the computer off the dining room table. We understand that you don’t want your home to look like an office, and we have found lines that will compliment your taste, style, and budget. From concealing computer armoires in oak and cherry to standard desks in a host of designer laminates, we have the solution.
If your clients come to the home, we have some great ideas for making the spare room into an office that is productive, efficient and looks great. If your plan is to come to the store we highly recommend you take a few minutes to do a rough layout of the space you are considering showing all measurements. Be careful to measure any wide mouldings, windowsills or other items that limit the placement of the product. Show all doors, windows, radiators, and other architectural elements that may have an effect on the furniture layout. Placement of outlets and phone lines should also be considered.  We can then provide at no charge a layout showing options and placement of furniture in your home.  As we proceed and if necessary, we also make house calls to help you design your space and as always, there is no charge for that service. You can also fax us your layout and we can send you back a plan.

Do you deliver, and is there a charge for delivery and if so how much?

We have experienced, uniformed, and insured delivery personnel that will professionally deliver and set up your purchases to your satisfaction. We charge for delivery on a cost basis. As an example, a delivery of a home office setup within twenty five miles of our location to a first floor location might be forty dollars. Delivery of six desks, files, seating, and miscellaneous product to the same delivery area could be $75- 150.00 dollars based on access, first or second floor, etc. We look at each delivery on a per job basis and price it accordingly.  We also fully setup and install the product. Some dealers claim free delivery and build the cost into the selling price and average out the delivery costs to their customers. Others charge on a percentage of the sale basis. Using those methods most customers overpay. We will quote you a fair price based on what it costs us to do the delivery and that price will not change.