I Want To Redo My Office

Exciting times indeed. Maybe you’ve outgrown your old space or had to move for some unknown reason. Either way, you’re not new at this. You have a pretty good idea of your vision, and it’s either time to change the look or give your team the tools they need to take it to the next level. From our point of view this is where we can use everything we have learned in 35 years and combine it with what you have learned about your business to work together for a common goal. Mistakes made in the first time around can be eliminated. Our goal is to come out at the finish line with an office you can not only be proud to turn the lights on in every morning, but one that functions at a high level and will give you decades of service. We have furniture that is flexible and furniture that grows with you. Want to turn a regular desk into an “L” desk down the road….no problem. Need more drawers….simple. While discount stores and mail order sell you planned obsolescence we sell you long term solutions that offer value and quality.

Our free space planning service will show you every inch of your space before you spend a nickel. This allows you to make changes BEFORE you write a check. Want to see a larger conference table in your boardroom, no problem. We give you a check list of things to consider. For instance, do you really need all those filing cabinets anymore? Is your reception area welcoming? Can your managers see the floor as needed to keep an eye on staff and or clients? Should you get that corner office, finally? We’ve done this for a long time. Let us use our experience to your benefit.

We recommend walking through your existing space to get a feel for your business. That will help us plan your new space. And get this…. we will evaluate your existing product to suggest what you should keep.  We may also purchase or dispose of your old furniture for you if that’s something that will help. Our family’s motto has always been “How can we best help the customer? How would we do this if it was OUR office?” Thousands of happy customers can’t be wrong!